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Forasters works to promote responsible travel in Catalonia

The "Sociedad de Atracción de Forasteros" - Our inspiration -


Due to the historic context in which modernism and industrialization were key trends, Catalonia was inspired by them to be one of the pioneering regions in the development of the travel and tourism industry.

The Attraction of Foreigners Society (also known as Syndicat d’Initiative) was the first tourist institution with the aim of making available to travellers and tourists all kinds of travelling information about Barcelona and Catalonia.

Created in 1908 in Barcelona this entity constituted an information office in order to offer advice on itineraries, transportation, accommodation and other issues related to travelling around Catalonia. The Society collaborated with other entities inbound the region and abroad and becoming an active entity to promote tourism in the region, taking part of the Initiative and Tourism Trade Unions Federation.


Since 1910, the Attraction of Foreigners Society published leaflets, posters and lots of articles related to tourism industry in its magazine called “Barcelona Atracción”.

Lamentably, the beginning of the Spanish Civil War in 1936 caused the disappearance of the society.