Travel Catalonia from the Deep

By: Karol | December 29, 2015

Nou Barris Central Park, Barcelona.

Green Maps start re-emerge within society. Beyond trends these tools  propose the construction of a healthier, fairer and sustainable world, appealing to collaboration, communication and citizen participation in destinations. Entities, organizations, enterprises and individuals share their commitment to sustainability throughout different projects and initiatives offering their products, ideas or services under  the sustainable and environmental premises participating actively, generating information and adding value to the tool.

Although it seems to be a newcomer, the concept of green map emerged twenty years ago. The Green Map started in 1995 thanks to Wendy E. Brawer, who designed the first map created for New York City three years earlie...

By: Karol | September 13, 2015

Photo by Peter Trimming (Flickr) CC. BY 2.0 License

We are sure you have heard about riding elephants, swimming with sharks or taking photos with a tiger and maybe you already know how this activities cause serious injuries to these wild animals in countries such as Thailand or India, among many others. If not, we encourage you to continue reading to learn more about animal welfare and exploitation in Catalonia, where some animal rights are violated as well.

As we mentioned before, Thailand or India are only two of the examples where wildlife rights are continuously infringed. And although there are many organizations around the world that work for the wellbeing of rescued animals and awareness to respect for wildlife and behaviour of tourists towards these leisure activities, the problem sti...